2011. március 4., péntek

Operation Ragnarok / Zed Blade - SNK Neo Geo AES

My copy - Operation Ragnarok / Zed Blade - SNK Neo Geo AES cart
This Neo Geo AES cart version.
Complett "offset" - Insert , Sticker and Manual.
This game originally "Only MVS" title for Neo Geo MVS Arcade System.
This AES version conversion.
Original MVS chips were soldered onto a donor AES PCB boards...
Working perfect video picture and sound & music.
Great shoot 'em up video game, developed by NMK. 1994.

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Very nice. Have to admit this is the way to go for collection purposes on those MVS only titles. What's the other shmups on Neo that were MVS/CD only, besides Ironclad and Ragnorok?

  2. There are also two of only MVS title :
    Strikers 1945 Plus and Prehistoric Isle 2.

    They also have me AES Conversion format :)

  3. Oh yes, but I do not like, I do not traditional shoot em up :)